Efficient URL Security Zone Checker - MapUrlToZone
Sep 25, 2023

With the retirement of IE11, many Windows users find it challenging to determine the Security Zone of a URL by the traditional method of opening a webpage in IE and checking the page properties. This poses a significant inconvenience for system administrators and security analysts since Security Zones are crucial for understanding the safety of URLs and their interaction with the system's security policies.

Modern browsers like Edge and Chrome, as well as common applications like Office, rely on Security Zones to judge the safety of opening a URL. Especially for non HTTP/HTTPS protocol URLs, such as file:// and ftp://, determining their Security Zones becomes particularly tricky when they can't be opened through IE.

To address this issue, I developed a simple yet highly practical tool - MapUrlToZone. This lightweight console application enables users to quickly identify the Security Zone of a specified URL. By leveraging the IInternetSecurityManager interface provided by the Windows API, this tool can accurately map URLs to their respective security zones without going through IE.

The tool supports both x86 and x64 architectures and operates through a simple console interface where users can enter the URL to be checked when prompted, and the tool will display the Security Zone of the URL. This is incredibly useful for individuals who need to quickly check the Security Zones of multiple URLs.

The source code and executables of MapUrlToZone have been uploaded to GitHub, and you can find them here. Thank you for your attention and support!